Illuminating the path to
better health

Ellume delivers innovative diagnostic healthcare solutions enabling patients to recover sooner from common illnesses.

Ellume delivers global healthcare solutions that enable people suffering from common illnesses to get better sooner.

At Ellume our mission is to improve the accessibility, accuracy and efficiency of global healthcare. Through the creation of simple, elegant diagnostic tools, we facilitate optimal management of common illnesses. In the doctor's clinic and at home.

Innovation at Ellume takes cutting edge diagnostic technology out of the laboratory and makes it work for everyone.

At the clinic, the hospital or at home. Simple, safe and ultra-sensitive.

This is made possible by our pioneering detection technology which puts nanotechnology in the palm of your hand. We call it the Ellume Sensing Platform (ESP) and it is the next generation of immunoassay technology.

The Ellume Sensing Platform combines nanotechnology and world-first opto-electronics. It is the heart of our diagnostic solutions for our professional products as well as for our consumer tests.

At Ellume, we focus our energies on conditions that people are affected by everyday.

We believe that a correct diagnosis is the key to optimal treatment for common illnesses like influenza, strep throat or chlamydia.

As such, our team is developing rapid, reliable, user-friendly diagnostic tools for both healthcare professionals and consumers.  

At Ellume we believe our products will change lives for the better, cut costs to healthcare systems and deliver substantial returns to our partners and investors.

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